Patrick C. McCarthy, Esq

Chief EXECUTIVE Officer

McCarthy is an accomplished executive and licensed attorney with over 30 years of…

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Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble

Chardae Rodgers -Gamble, PhD

Chief Research Officer

Dr. Rodgers-Gamble is a Clinical Operations
professional with over 12 years of…

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Steve Galen, PhD

Chief Performance Officer

Galen has a PhD in Engineering and
more than 27 years of…

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Scott Hardin

Chief Technical Officer

Hardin has over 20 years experience in synthesizing
customers’ needs into…

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Robert Kaufmann, MD


Dr. Kaufmann is an accomplished clinician, researcher, professor, author and engineer…

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Rodney K. Nuss

Rodney K. Nuss

Chief Operating Officer

Nuss is an experienced and successful medical
product business development…

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