The ValidCare Purpose


We believe that inside every person, there is a health advocate. Someone looking to improve their own health, or help provide care for a loved one – whether that’s a parent, child or pet.


ValidCare was created to bring together people working to improve health, wellness and care – convening a global community made up of consumers, patients, care givers, and businesses and organizations.


By connecting this community, ValidCare enables the continual exchange of data, and informs each group of important insights related to their business or health and wellness goals.


Together, the ValidCare community is helping advance health for generations to come.


Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy, Founder & CEO


Brings industry participants together for new levels of collaborative partnerships. Builds transparency. Trust. Aligned communities.


Passionate about tennis, skiing and Kentucky basketball!

Rodney Nuss

Rodney Nuss, Founder & COO


Believes in an unparalleled customer experience. Builds businesses with a customer-forward orientation to create new deliver models and create industry-level advocacy.


Prefers his ski slopes to be steep, deep and isolated.

Scott Hardin

Scott Hardin, Founder & CTO


Constantly driving to the next era of technology powered solutions. Captures the newest technology concepts to propel new business models and change industries.


Honed his wicked sense of humor over many miles of biking in the hills of Georgia.

When You Join Us, You Help


By using a ValidCare app, a community member continually increases the opportunities they have to direct our charitable giving. While we recognize the many organizations helping improve physical and mental health and wellness, we are currently directing our contributions to support:

American Epilepsy Society
Alzheimer's Association
National Center for PTSD

We Deliver Unprecedented Understanding

ValidCare brings together the entire cannabis-derived product industry


For Suppliers and Retailers

  • Continuous communication with consumers
  • Predictive analytics to improve product development and inform business decisions
  • Closer relationships with those who love your products
  • Ease of bringing your products to new customers


For Consumers and Care Givers

  • Track your wellness journey, recording the effects of canna-based products
  • Advance science and safety of CBD products, delivering valuable feedback to product suppliers and regulators
  • Collect and exchange data to support buying decisions, research, product development
  • Identify adverse events – report on and learn of any reported events related to products you use


For Researchers

  • Enroll patients in studies
  • Virtually direct, monitor and alert study participants
  • Advance science, research and treatment options


Advancing an Industry

  • Members access the best data in the industry
  • Join the community sharing knowledge and building understanding of canna-based products
  • Suppliers gain Seed to Outcomes Insights, helping drive product quality, consistency and safety
  • Retailers learn what’s working best for consumers and how to stock the best products
  • Together, we drive consumer safety and advance the development and adoption of industry standards

Get the CBD+me™ App

The CBD+me app is for anyone interested in tracking product experiences as they pursue their personal wellness goals. Using CBD+me helps advance the science and safety of CBD products.