Steve Galen, PhD

Chief Performance Officer

Galen has a PhD in Engineering and more than 27 years of experience in Big Pharma and global CROs. He has run the CRO division of a life sciences company and held senior leadership positions in clinical operations, clinical data science, drug development, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Galen has spent the last decade making clinical trial design and execution predictable, efficient, and transparent.

Galen is the creator of the Digital 1st CRO Experience’s trial planning and oversight system which provides a simple, scalable ‘air traffic control-like’ solution to predict, oversee, and stay in control of clinical trial timelines, cost and cash flow. Galen asserts that a clinical trial is not an AI/ML “black box” but rather a set of characterizable and connected processes that produce data in a predictable manner and this approach underpins everything he builds.