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Incomparable Market Insights
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Product Industry

Attention CBD Product Suppliers —
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Insights to Propel Your Cannabis-derived Product Business

The ValidCare business model assembles the entire canna-based product industry, gathering experience data from around the globe.


ValidCare creates the data pool and reporting tools that reveal information for consumer safety, product origins and contents, dosing and administration – helping consumers make safe, informed choices.

Consumer Power. Business Growth.

Consumers use the ValidCare app to:


  • Set goals
  • Track and share experiences
  • Record effects of products
  • Report adverse events


Suppliers partner with ValidCare to:


  • Gather real world experience data
  • Inform business strategies with market intelligence
  • Provide ongoing consumer education
  • Identify product issues in real-time


ValidCare builds a trusted link, bringing you closer to those who love your products.

Become a ValidCare Member
for Seed to Outcomes™ Insights

Forget static data. By tracking from Seed to Outcomes™, ValidCare brings together a global community to track consumer experience and build Real World Evidence. Working with the world’s leading canna-based product companies, ValidCare Insights deliver predictive analytics and trusted industry knowledge.

Product SupplierProduct Suppliers


  • Build customer engagement
  • Gain new customers
  • Inform your strategies
  • Get regulatory and product safety reporting



  • Get closer to current – and new – customers!
  • Stock the products your customers want most
  • Use new market data to grow your business
  • Get regulatory and product safety reporting



  • Automate and scale consumer research
  • Report consumer and product experiences
  • Exchange real-time information with participants
  • Receive immediate notification of adverse events

Advancing an Entire Industry

Lynn Honderd

“ What ValidCare is doing is revolutionary and gets us the data we want directly from the consumer.”

– Lynn Honderd,
CEO of Mary’s Medicinals

Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe

“We need to capture real-time human experience to help support human science.”

– Karyemaitre Aliffe, M.D.

Dr. Philip Blair

“We need to capture the real-time human experience to optimally advance human science.”

– Philip W. Blair, M.D.

Matty Mangone-Miranda

“Together, we’re paving the path forward to providing CBD to the millions of people who need it.”

– Matty Mangone-Miranda
CEO of GenCanna

In The News

In a recent discussion of industry thought leaders, our round table discussion took a deeper dive into the considerations for farmers, as we look at today’s hemp crops and the resulting CBD products. PCM:  Let’s consider the seed that’s planted. We know there’s genetics and......

Experience the ValidCare Difference:
Seed to Outcomes™ Insights

ValidCare builds close customer connections that let you –


  • Increase customer intimacy and loyalty
  • Uncover new market opportunities
  • Direct your product roadmap for safety and success
  • Grow your business


Consumers benefit by using ValidCare apps, helping advance –


  • Product safety
  • Notification of adverse events
  • Recommended serving amounts and administration
  • Standards to ensure high quality, trusted ingredients

Together, we propel the canna-based product industry toward consumer safety, standards and quality. Together, we help improve effectiveness and efficacy for the health and wellness of generations to come.

ValidCare is a proud member of:

Hemp Industries Association

U.S. Hemp Roundtable