Because the key to discovery
lies within the voice of the patient.


From study design through execution to delivery of results, Validcare revolutionizes the traditional clinical trials model. Validcare expands your ability to reach a more diverse patient population to power patient-centered research. Ease of participation enables patients to convey more and better data, while also improving data capture and data integrity for researchers. 

older woman measuring sleep with watch

Validcare better connects the crucial voice of the patient to your product development in real- time, accelerating clinical research, providing higher quality evidence and the promise of on-time study completion.

With Validcare, you will optimize your clinical trials:

  • Include a larger and more diverse population
  • Meet and exceed performance measures
  • Stay on schedule and on budget
  • Identify and correct issues before significant problems occur
  • Increase study success rates
  • Streamline your entire process



Learn how Validcare transforms the clinical trial process for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, contract research organizations, and supplement brand companies.