Real World Research
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ValidCare Study


  • Reduce Costs & Accelerate Results
  • Increase Patient Reach, Participation & Experience
  • Capture Real World Evidence as it happens




ValidCare CRO Services


  • Proven experience and know how
  • Success from planning through execution
  • Deliver outcomes for regulatory and Value Based Care

Virtual Studies for the Real World

Design, implement, and deliver clinical and market research studies to determine safety and performance of supplements.  Leverage decentralized and hybrid trials to capture Real World Evidence.

Product SupplierContract Research Organizations (CROs)


  • Expand hybrid and decentralized capabilities for clients
  • Reach new populations
  • Reduce study costs and timelines

RetailersProduct Suppliers


  • Power Clinical and Market Research
  • Reduce Study Costs and Timelines
  • Accelerate Product Development and Approvals



  • Overcome on-site research limitations
  • Expand patient reach
  • Increase speed and quality of research

Study Design to Results in Weeks

ValidCare powers decentralized, virtual and hybrid research to fuel healthier generations. Through a combination of software and services, our customers are able to:



  • Reach, engage and retain more study participants
  • Make it easy to capture more and better data (real-world evidence) with improved data integrity
  • Reduce costs and overhead associated with clinical research
  • Accelerate outcomes and product approvals