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“What ValidCare is doing is revolutionary and gets us the data we want directly from the consumer.” 

Lynn Honderd, CEO of Mary’s Nutritionals

Our Communities

Consumers join our communities directly or by invitation from other members via our free, easy to use ValidCare & CBD+me apps. The apps provide everything a consumer needs to participate in sponsored research, as well as securely learn, journal and share their experiences with the community.

And YES, it's 100% FREE to consumers!

Community Insights

Helps you gain deeper insights into product standards and development based on direct input from consumers.



  • National & Local Consumer Insights
  • Preferences & Uses
  • Product Efficacy & Competition
  • Trends & Opportunities

Community Engagement

Helps you connect and communicate with consumers, build your brand and grow your business.



  • Branded Apps
  • Hosted Product Catalog
  • Consumer Self-Enrollment
  • Compassionate Use & Rewards

Care & Research

Helps you automate & scale observational and clinical protocols to power care & consumer research.



  • Brandable HIPAA Compliant Apps
  • Configurable CareTracks & Protocols
  • Data Analytics & Exports

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