Validcare Puts Pharma Sponsors in Control of Clinical Trial Success

Partners with Galen F P Solutions to Deliver Predictable Clinical Trial Results

Denver, CO. – December 16, 2021– According to the University of Texas at Austin1, delays in drug approvals cost their creators an average of $1MM USD/day.  For small to mid-size (SMID) biotech/pharma companies and their investors, these delays have significant negative strategic and financial impacts.

Today, Validcare announces the integration of Galen F P Solutions into the Validcare StudyTM platform.  The innovative, combined solution enables sponsors, especially SMID biotech/pharma, and their CRO partners to predictably and reliably complete site-based, hybrid and decentralized clinical studies on time and on budget.

“For too long, the pharmaceutical industry has tolerated cost overruns, trial cancellations, delayed product approvals and loss of revenues often attributed to variables which were left uncontrolled. Those days are over for Validcare clients.” said Patrick McCarthy, CEO of Validcare. “Our combined solution brings accountability to the clinical trial process.  It gives sponsors visibility, tools, metrics and control over the variables critical to ensuring a clinical trial’s success and de-risks their investments.”  

The solution features targeted patient-centric automation of the participant and clinical operations processes using the Validcare Study platform coupled with a view of all critical trial outputs and processes unique to Galen F P Solutions. The result: clients are able to plan their trials intelligently, deal effectively with obstacles that come up during trial execution, and deliver consistent results with a measurable ROI. These capabilities are currently only available to larger biotech/pharma who can afford the multiple systems and resources required.  The Validcare Study platform consolidates these important capabilities into a single, efficient offering designed for SMIDs.

“At Galen F P Solutions, we have incorporated over twenty years of experience designing and executing clinical trials and data from hundreds of clinical trials into our offering.  The result is a data driven approach that optimizes the clinical trial lifecycle from design through database lock.”  said Steve Galen, founder of Galen F P Solutions. “Our approach ensures you will always know when your data will be ready for analysis and what the ROI is for any strategy designed to accelerate data availability.  In short, you will be in control of your trial.”

For more information about the Validcare Study augmented by Galen F P Solutions, visit Validcare or call 844-825-4322. 

About Galen F P Solutions

Galen F P Solutions enables small and midsize biotech/pharma to take control of their trials via realistic trial planning and rigorous CRO/clinical operations oversight.  Our approach combines decades of hands-on experience running all key clinical operations functions with well-known manufacturing, engineering and software-design principles.  We are keenly aware that ROI matters when designing and running trials and we make it easy to determine ROI before you commit to a course of action intended to improve trial performance.

For more information, visit Galen F P Solutions.

About Validcare

Validcare provides patient-centered research solutions to transform the delivery of life sciences and nutraceutical products. Our technology and services place the patient’s voice at the center of product research, resulting in greater patient participation, improved scientific data, more reliable product claims and accelerated product development. Founded by experts with more than 20 years of industry experience, Validcare offers the leading solution for best practices in streamlining clinical research for regulatory compliant, life-improving products.

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