Why CBD Standards Matter

Why CBD Standards Matter

Do CBD standards matter? Yes for many very powerful reasons. Implementing meaningful standards will strengthen the canna-based product ecosystem. Standards adoption provide the opportunity for objective data to be used to power industry legitimacy, credibility, trust and sustainability.

I recently had the honor of moderating a discussion among a group of leaders in the hemp industry with diverse roles, who provided their view on how and why standards matter. Because we covered numerous topics, I’ll break this into several blog posts – hope you enjoy the discussion.


Patrick McCarthy, ValidCarePatrick McCarthy, ValidCare: Starting at the high level, why DO CBD standards matter?

Joy Beckerman: Why standards are important to Elixinol and to the industry is because consumers need to be assured of quality, of safety in the products that they’re consuming. As we move from historical prohibition into delivering on the full promise of this versatile plant, we must assure what’s in the bottle is being sourced from legal hemp. Standards are very important for us to continue to be leaders and to shape the industry and to provide safety and quality products for consumers

Dr. Bob Kaufmann on standards in CBD industryDr. Bob Kaufmann:  As a physician, vantage over the production of CBD and hemp oil are extremely important to me and to my patients. When a patient is controlled on a specific amount of product, that product must consistently be the same day-to-day, week-to-week and year-to-year. If it isn’t, the patient won’t be controlled adequately and if too much of certain compounds exist, they’ll experience adverse side effects. With hemp oil, because it’s derived from the biological plants, standards to maintain purity and, also the exclusion of impurities are necessary along the chain of production. Once they have experienced relief, my patients want that relief to be maintained. They must be able to ingest a consistent amount of product with consistent results. All these strict standards all along this chain of production can produce such an outcome.

Marielle Weintraub, PhD.Marielle Weintraub:  Standards protect not only the consumer, but companies as well. As we’ve seen the amazing growth in the hemp market, we have also seen an increase in enforcement action in the food industry, due to false label claims, adulterated products such as those that are containing above an acceptable limit of heavy metals or pesticides, as well as adverse reaction reporting. Better understanding how standards protect you and your company, as well as your consumer base, can assist you in making higher quality, safer products and build consumer confidence in the process.

The US Hemp Authority Certification Program and seal was developed over the last two years, and was designed to be an easy way for consumers to identify products that have gone through a third party audit and have been reviewed for safety and quality standards. Understanding the standards and regulations like FSMA, the Food Safety Modernization Act, including the different codes of federal regulations and labeling regs, can help your company stay in front of the regulatory curve that the FDA and the FDC will expect.

Chris Stubbs: Why do CBD standards matter? They’re incredibly important for all the reasons mentioned. We need additional standards and accreditations to create a quality management system. In my career, I’ve seen issues related to medical recreational cannabis as well as dietary supplements. As stewards of the industry, we’re here to make product available in a sustainable fashion, so people can have good experiences at the consumer level. That’s just not possible when you have adulterated product, dirty product or product that doesn’t meet specifications. It’s extremely important to us at GenCanna and we hope to be able to continue to inform industry legislation and regulation through our partnerships like this one and others going forward.

Steve Bevan, GenCannaSteve Bevan: To sum it all up, standards are important to all of us because we need a way as we produce hemp that involves a greater standardization of our agricultural products. What we are all trying to do is take our hemp derived product in ways that are useful to the end consumer, and allow the consumer to have full confidence in our compliance.

ValidCare is committed to the implementation of standards. With the development and adoption of standards, everyone involved in the industry – from supplier to consumer – can achieve their goals. We aim to provide our clients with data driven solutions to advance research, product development and commercialization of cannabis derived products to improve human and animal health. ValidCare is working to reveal insights from global communities to fuel healthier generations.


(1) Round Table Discussion Participants:

  • Steve Bevan, President, GenCanna Global
  • Joy Beckerman, Regulatory Officer and Industry Liaison, Elixinol; President, Hemp Industries Association
  • Robert Kaufmann, Director of Research, Shaman Botanicals
  • Christopher Stubbs, Chief Science Officer, GenCanna Global
  • Marielle Weintraub PhD, US Hemp Authority


This blog post includes excerpts from a recent webinar featuring key industry leaders(1), who came together for a round table discussion on Why Standards Matter.