Using Insights from Patient and Health Consumer Experiences to Power Canna-based Product Research and Development

Product suppliers and developers, researchers, clinicians, patients and health consumers are at the intersection of rapidly developing cannabinoid products, new treatment options and a deficiency of real-world data. How can we derive greater insights and understanding within this burgeoning market to establish a knowledge-based foundation that can benefit all participants?

Executive Summary

Today, patients and health consumers are faced with decisions about cannabinoid products for use in treating symptoms, disease conditions, and in support of overall health. The market for cannabinoid products is experiencing rapid growth and yet, few research trials or clinical studies are being funded and conducted. Anecdotal information is often shared via informal channels, but little has been done to aggregate this information to create actual insights about patient or consumer experience.

Why is this important? Because without a way to gather and aggregate real-world consumer experiences, preferences and effects,  there remains a dearth of documentation that reveals the outcomes of specific products and care paths. This absence of data leaves clinicians and consumers without information to support the best decisions for their health, and scientists and product producers without data to further their research and product development.

By connecting directly with patients and health consumers, and documenting their actual experiences, every participant in the cannabinoid ecosystem is in a better position to understand the benefits and effects of cannabinoids from seed to outcomes.

White Paper Participants

Dr. Karyemaître Aliffe, MD, Physician Scientist, Anesthesiologist, WA

Dr. Philip Blair, MD, Family Physician, WA

Gabriel Ettenson, President, Elixinol, CO

Joey Gindi, COO, Ajoya Dispensaries, CO

Janel Ralph, CEO, Palmetto Harmony, SC

Patrick McCarthy, Esq., CEO, ValidCare, CO

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