Experiences Improve
Care and Research

ValidCare Powers Research Protocols for Cannabis-Derived Products

We connect you closely to your study participants, helping to


  • Automate and scale consumer research
  • Report consumer and product experiences
  • Exchange real-time information with participants
  • Receive immediate notification of adverse events

ValidCare Makes Research Easier, More Responsive

Researchers can easily build, deploy and scale research protocols and data collection virtually.

Why Join ValidCare?

ValidCare Supports the Canna-Based Product Industry with Real World Evidence

Study Participants Easily Track Experiences

ValidCare makes it easy for the cannabis-derived product industry to learn from consumers by gathering Real World Evidence. Participants can receive information and journal experiences. Researchers configure for patient by condition, then provide education, reminders and tasks. You can survey participants when needed and get real-time feedback throughout the study.