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ValidCare Research Solutions.

Collaboration, resources and tools to build Real World Evidence for hemp-derived products.

Driving understanding and validation of product effects on specific populations:

  • Experienced team collaborates with experts, from study design and IRB approval, through data collection and analysis, to publication of results
  • Unique platform automates study protocols and data collection with participants anywhere in the world
  • Real World Evidence informs results and outcomes, which can be used independently or in combination with other data to substantiate product efficacy

Gather Real-time Data from Participants Anywhere in the World

We help design, execute and publish meaningful protocols, enabling remote collection of global data. An easy-to-use consumer app collects data to build Real World Evidence to understand product effects on specific populations.


Why Partner with ValidCare?

Only ValidCare brings resources, tools and expertise to advance the understanding of hemp-derived products,

propelling business and product strategies with science.


Use Real World Data and Real World Evidence to Advance Research and Results

  • Study branded to research group, provider or product company
  • Configure protocol to specific condition or study
  • Provide consent, education, reminders and alerts
  • Collect remote, HIPAA-compliant data from participants
  • Data extracts and system integration
  • User dashboard for instant access