Sharing Experiences.
Revealing Insights.

Incomparable Market Insights for the
Canna-based Product Industry

Forget static data.
Leave behind register receipts.


Seed to Outcomes Insights collect global community experience and data from the world’s leading canna-based product companies, and compiles it to create predictive analytics and entrusted industry knowledge.

ValidCare Seed to Outcomes™ Insights – Unprecedented Understanding of Your Cannabis-Derived Product Market

Tap Directly Into Your Consumer Experiences

The ValidCare community convenes users around the world, with app-based consumer experience tracking from the broadest base of canna-based product users.

Learn: Who is using your products and what selections they’re making
Understand: What health and wellness concerns your consumers are addressing
Discover: Market intelligence to fuel your product roadmap with real-world data
Notify: Consumers of any product issues or adverse events to ensure safety

Shift from Assumption to Advantage

Make decisions that grow your business! Without Seed to Outcomes™ Insights, your customer base and product roadmap are at risk.


Register receipts show rear-view mirror perspective – so you’re never looking forward. Instead you lag behind this dynamic marketplace.

ValidCare delivers real-time dashboard driven data to your fingertips –


Demographics – age, gender, reason for use, location, and more
Brand – product ratings, trends, last reporting use
Snapshot – where users are based, trends, reasons for use, product efficacy by condition
Product – efficacy by condition, method of use, cannabinoid profile

Why Join ValidCare?

ValidCare has created a complete membership program for suppliers, designed to maximize their impact on the community and value to their business.


Interactive ValidCare Insights Dashboard: Visibility to user experiences from the entire CBD+me™ community. Shows your branded products versus other products and therapies including:


  • Demographics by gender, age, reported condition(s), postal code location
  • Rationale for use(s), goals, product preferences and purchase influencers
  • Product use, frequency, consumption method, and observed effects
  • Use of medications or other therapies and supplements
  • Product Standards, Certifications and Adverse Events


  • Community Building: Invite your consumers to download the CBD+me app and track and journal their experiences.
  • Branded Consumer Experience: “Private label” the CBD+me app for a differentiated consumer experience
  • Community Rewards: CBD+me Cares Program rewards consumers for participation, allowing them to help direct where our charitable dollars go
  • Community Education & Advocacy: ValidCare provides periodic news, advocacy opportunities, and education to the consumer community
  • Direct to Consumer Messaging/Survey/ Marketing: Reach specific consumers by demographic (e.g., geography, sex, age condition)
  • Care & Research: Automated, brandable protocols (education, alerts, surveys, tasks and reporting) for care, research or product surveillance


Get closer to the customers who love your products – and find those that haven’t discovered you yet! ValidCare helps grow your business by enabling ongoing dialogue with those using your products, helping to build loyalty, and provide better experiences –

  • Understand customer data including demographics, product effects, and safety issues including adverse events
  • Learn directly from your customers and make better product decisions and recommendations
  • Discover what your customers – and the rest of the market – want to buy and try

Have Your Customers Use the CBD+me™ App

The CBD+me app is for anyone interested in sharing product experiences as they pursue their personal wellness goals. Using CBD+me helps advance the science and safety of CBD products.