ValidCare Launches Global Consumer Platform to Reveal Wellness Benefits of CBD

ValidCare Launches Global Consumer Platform to Reveal Wellness Benefits of CBD

“Track Your Journey. Impact the World.”
CBD consumers can now track and share their experiences through CBD+me™

Centennial, Colo. – July 11, 2019 – ValidCare today announced the launch of its consumer platform, CBD+me™. CBD+me allows consumers to track their wellness journey as they record the effects of cannabis-derived products, enabling them to make informed buying and use decisions. Experiential data is compiled and shared with others in the community, including those who grow, manufacture and supply cannabis-derived products. Consumers can also report adverse events related to product use, which will be shared with the FDA and product manufacturers. Using CBD+me, consumers and canna-based businesses advance the science and safety of CBD products and improve the lives of CBD consumers around the world.

“We’re excited to connect the global community,” said Patrick McCarthy, CEO of ValidCare. “Consumer experiences play a seminal role in shifting the CBD industry from marketing hype to credibility based on consumer reported outcomes. Ultimately, consumer experiences will help drive standards and product safety in the industry.”

CBD consumers use CBD+me app for experience trackingThe CBD+me platform is for anyone interested in sharing product experiences as they pursue their personal wellness goals. Consumers set up a profile and goals for themselves or their loved one(s), journal the products they’re using and record the effects. “This is the only application,” said McCarthy, “where consumers can actually see if they’re making progress along their journey to wellness.” Much like popular fitness or weight loss app-based communities, CBD+me provides the opportunity for daily tracking and a cumulative timeline of effects: in this case, achieving wellness goals set by the consumer. Community members will also have access to the latest CBD-related news and communications from CBD+me educators, product manufacturers and industry associations.

The platform also provides an opportunity for community members to take part in advocacy and CBD product research by opting-in to be contacted by industry associations, canna-based suppliers and researchers. Consumers can also submit a report should they experience any adverse product events, helping further safety data being collected on products.

The CBD+me app is now available in the App Store, Google Play, or via a link on the CBD+me website or sponsored version from a supplier member of ValidCare.

A Community that Cares

Consumers using CBD+me are a part of the ValidCare global community and have the opportunity to impact the world through sharing data and directing ValidCare’s philanthropic dollars. CBD+me community members who achieve their journaling commitments direct dollars toward one of the following charities: the American Epilepsy Foundation, the PTSD Foundation or the Alzheimer’s Association. Each of these organizations is helping people with conditions where CBD holds promise for improving lives.

“Our goal is to reveal insights that improve generational wellness,” said McCarthy. “We’re excited to create and grow this collaborative community that’s actively tracking consumer journeys and impacting the world.”

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About ValidCare

ValidCare, LLC is the market intelligence platform for the cannabis-derived product industry, powered by real-time consumer experiences. Through the ValidCare community, participants including consumers, product suppliers, researchers, and providers, come together to study, educate, measure and document the consumer experience using canna-based products. ValidCare’s proprietary app (CBD+me™) supports ongoing two-way communication, combining self-reported consumer data with advanced machine learning to deliver aggregated insights that help improve product quality, consistency, effectiveness, and the adoption of industry standards.

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