Our Story

Breck Lift

What started with a handshake on the Independence Super Chair at Breckenridge Ski Resort has evolved into an industry platform for collaboration to uncover health benefits across a wide range of products – from food and nutritional supplements, through medical devices, therapies and treatments.


"We believe there are new products with great promise to improve human and animal health. Through our global community, we are advancing care across a wide spectrum of health consumers."



We have a vision: to unify and empower a global community using real-world experience to validate and quantify the benefits associated with today’s health, wellness and medical products. We’re bringing together the businesses, people and technologies working to advance care, improve treatment options and alleviate symptoms and pain. ValidCare helps participants understand, identify and deliver breakthroughs in treatments and experiences.

We are inspired by the vast potential of new products to improve the health of humans and animals. We see the possibilities, and today are building the collaborative community to advance treatment of a range of health conditions. The platform brings together product suppliers and developers, researchers, clinicians, and product users and their families –to study, educate, measure and document the results of health and wellness treatments.

We are propelled by the potential of the connected community, building knowledge together. ValidCare has created a collaboration platform and a secure app to gather real-time consumer experiences, combine them with the latest advances in machine learning, and deliver insights that fuel product development and treatment options.

To harness the community power, our secure, virtual private network acts as the industry’s trusted platform for communication and collaboration in support of education, science, standards and care associated with today’s medical, health and wellness products.  If you share this vision, join our global community, and work with us to advance care for the health and well-being of future generations.