Ken Ashman

Chief of Global Operations

Ken is an outstanding drug development leader with 30+ years’ research experience within the Pharmaceutical and CRO industries. He has maintained an extensive knowledge of drug development processes in clinical research and project management, encompassing all development phases from pre-clinical through to post marketing research and across a wide therapeutic range including oncology (immuno-oncology), immunology, rare diseases, medical devices, neurology and psychiatry. 

Alongside the wide therapeutic experience is a truly global expertise in operational delivering having worked in over 50 countries worldwide including the Americas (North and South), Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ken’s appetite, attitude, and focus allows him to execute projects in a way that makes others want to do more. His passion for people and love for technology and process make him excellent at leading teams and bringing excitement, vision and creative solutions to the complex world of RWE, medical devices and clinical trials.