Canine Osteoarthritis Study:

CBD in Dogs with Osteoarthritis

Thank you for considering taking part in this ground-breaking opportunity to advance the science of cannabidiol (CBD) in dogs. The study is designed to determine if canines with confirmed Osteoarthritis taking oral CBD over a minimum of thirty (30) days demonstrate observed improvement in clinical activity measures versus baseline.

Participants in the CBD Osteoarthritis study will:

  • Receive two (2) visits with a veterinarian at baseline and study end at no cost
  • Receive a radiograph to confirm osteoarthritis at no cost
  • Receive all study-related supplies and study product at no cost
  • Be monitored by an experienced study veterinarian and medical staff
  • Record all data remotely via a secure smartphone based app
  • Help advance medical knowledge and advance the science of CBD in canines
  • Receive additional veterinary services valued at $200 for their time and effort associated with completing* the study

* You will have successfully completed the study if you visited the veterinarian at baseline and study-end (after 30 days), journaled your pet’s use of an oral CBD treat for 30 days, and provided self-reported perceived outcomes on a scheduled basis via a smartphone based app.

Participate in our study

Thank you! Based on your responses, your dog may be eligible for the study. Please provide your contact information and the study coordinator will be in touch to schedule a screening visit to determine final eligibility.

If you have further questions, please consult our Columbia Care Canine Osteoarthritis Study FAQ.