How Are We Supposed to Collect All of This Data?!?

Patient Reported Outcomes Critical to the Success of Value-based Care

It is abundantly obvious that CMS is intent on changing the way they reimburse hospitals for total joint replacement procedures.  Commercial insurers will likely follow:

The current and proposed CMS models targeted at improving quality include:

*CMS imposed fines of over $200K for each unexpected readmission above the national norm

*A proposed CMS mandate to hundreds of hospitals in 75 major metro areas to participate in bundled care programs where reimbursement is either augmented or cut based on complication rate and reducing costs

*A proposed CMS reward to hospitals for collecting patient reported outcome information through 90 days of the recovery process

Where should a hospital start with the patient reported outcome reporting? Introducing ValidCare.

The ValidCare platform gives hospitals and caregivers visibility and access to a patient throughout the orthopedic surgery recovery process so they can reduce risk of readmission and collect valuable patient reported outcomes.

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