Has your facility been fined by CMS for unplanned total joint readmissions?

If so, you are not alone… Over 1,200 hospitals are in the same boat despite their best efforts. Typically, symptoms (e.g., site infection, prosthetic issues, etc…) leading to unplanned readmissions occur outside the clinical environment leaving the care team blind until the patient shows up in the Emergency Department. If only patients had the ability to provide early alerts of clinical symptoms to their caregivers, many patients could be cared for outside the hospital and avoid readmission and related fines.

That is where ValidCare comes in. Through real time patient engagement and care coordination our customers can:

  • Be alerted by patients remotely and intervene on early signs of clinical risk
  • *Improve pre and post-operative care coordination by procedure type
  • *Collect Patient Reported Outcome Metrics (PROM) that can help inform and improve HCAHPS measures

Our proven platform is simple to deploy on patient’s smartphones and via web browser for care managers so you can maximize quality care and patient satisfaction.

Website: http://www.validcare.com  |  Email: info@validcare.com  |  Direct: 844.VALIDCARE (844.825.4322)

Here is how it works: